Download AVO TV App To Stream Premium Content For Free

If you are looking to watch or stream some of the best TV channels on your mobile phone and PC, then Avo TV App is the best choice. Back in July 2021, AVO TV Ltd, announced the launch of its new free TV streaming app into the Nigerian market. According to the company, the platform, will be offering premium live TV channels and video-on-demand content completely free to the viewer.

AVO TV is built to offer over 100 premium Local and International Live TV channels and On-Demand content including thousands of Nollywood movies. You will be enjoying some of the best of international and local TV channels all for free via the app. Contents will include genres such as Entertainment, Movies, Sports, News, Music and much more.

Speaking when the app was launched back in July, Awaes Jaswal, AVO TV CEO, said; the aim for AVO TV is to make premium content available to everyone, not just those who can afford expensive Pay-TV subscriptions. According to him, as data and internet costs, reduce over the coming years, AVO TV will be the main source of TV for all Nigerians.

The app which is available both to Android and iOS users, offers some of the best local and internal channels such as Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, Silverbird, SportsGrid, France 24, AIT, WAP TV, Talent Sports, Dove TV, IndieFlix, Unreel, Gusto TV and more.

Wondering how the company is offering premium contents for free? Well the AVO TV will be making its money via advertising, a business model which has gained huge traction in the US and Europe. As long there are ads running on the platform, the service will be free.

Where to Download AVO TV App?

Avo TV App is available both to Android, Web and iOS users. You can download the current version from the links below.

Note: AVO TV currently has over 200,000 downloads and over 10 million minutes of content via the app. It has a feature that allows you to adjust your streaming to a data saver mode. This is designed to help you save data while you are streaming. With the app, you get to enjoy an entire range of content without subscription. You will be doing this across all devices such as mobile, tablet and smart TV devices.

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