3 Best AI-Based Paraphrasing Apps To Rephrase Your Content

AI-based paraphrasing tools are becoming increasingly convenient. But which of them are the best?

A paraphrasing tool can be essential to any writer’s arsenal, from avoiding plagiarism to ensuring the utmost quality of content. Today, these tools are available in the shape of mobile phone apps.

Something convenient for both students and professional writers. But which of these apps are the best? And is there a reason to use them over their website counterparts? Let’s find out.

What is an AI-Based Paraphrasing App?

Paraphrasing is restating someone else’s content in one’s own words. It is a way to demonstrate understanding and provide a different perspective on the same idea. Or, it could be a viable way to avoid plagiarism while accrediting the original author.

That’s why AI-based paraphrasing, or machine paraphrasing, is becoming increasingly famous. It is the process of using an AI program to paraphrase streams of the original text. These programs can be used for many purposes, including avoiding plagiarism or achieving better fluency.

A paraphrasing app usually relies on two key AI elements, such as:

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

Therefore, a paraphrasing app isn’t only bound to be capable of high-quality paraphrasing and saving time. On top of that, any such app should also be available on the two most used mobile platforms, i.e., Android and iOS devices.

Reasons To Use Paraphrasing Apps

Using a paraphrasing app has many benefits. So, to understand why paraphrasing apps are essential, here are four reasons:

More Stability:

Paraphrasing apps on mobile phones tend to be much more stable than their website counterparts. That’s not to say that websites aren’t reliable. Instead, using an app to rephrase online tends to be much steadier than a website.

Easier To Use:

While it’s not rocket science to use a paraphrasing tool in the website form, it tends to be much easier to utilize a paraphrasing app. Since it only requires you to download, upload and paraphrase, it is much more convenient than a website.

Rephrase On the Go:

Rephrasing on a mobile phone is much quicker than on websites. The website edition of any paraphrasing tool works the same as a mobile phone app. However, an AI-based paraphrasing app allows you to rephrase on the go and without any hassle.

File/Content Security:

Suppose you’re worried about uploading your content or file to an online paraphrasing tool. In that case, you don’t have to worry about that on the phone. Mainly because of the security factor of any app store. So, if the app has passed its security test, then it’s safe to use.

3 Best AI-Based Paraphrasing Apps

The best apps are the kinds that make the job easier for you. Today, we’ve picked the three best paraphrasing apps on Google, and we’ll discuss each of them in this section. So, whether to avoid plagiarism or to save a ton of time, here are the 3 best AI-based paraphrasing apps today:


Paraphrasing tool AI-based paraphrasing app free that’s more capable than most famous or paid programs available today. It’s a free paraphrasing app, allowing you to efficiently rephrase your content for any purpose.


Besides having an astonishingly eye-catching UI, the design of this app is to provide the utmost easiness to the user. Therefore, it’s not only a capable rephrasing app, but also ideal for saving a lot of time and effort.

But, besides all that, here are additional benefits that make this a vital app for most writers:

  • Exceedingly quick at rephrase your text;
  • Avoid plagiarism conveniently as it rewrites chunks of your
  • text;
  • Absolutely free and offers an extensive word count;
  • Save your file in PDF or Word format, or generate a report.

These factors make it an ideal app for many users today. Mainly because it’s convenient in paraphrasing and light in nature. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of data when downloading it.


Paraphraser provide outstanding apps for students and writers. So, it’s no wonder their paraphrasing app is among our top considerations. This AI-based program is extensive, accurate, and easy to use.


In other words, you get to rewrite extensive content once you download this app. Offering 5000- character, or roughly around 1200-words, this is one of the apps with the most word count on offer for free. Besides that, the tool has many great options on display, such as:

  • An outstanding and easy-to-use AI;
  • Three different and unique content modes;
  • Outstanding paraphrasing abilities;
  • AI-enthused algorithms to reword unique content.

That’s what makes this tool one of our top considerations and suggestions for writers of all kinds. While the app definitely seems like an ideal match for students, professionals can use it just as much. Simply because it has all the options of a pro paraphrasing tool compressed within an app.


Prepostseo is a household name for content creators and SEO experts. That’s why their paraphrasing app takes the third spot on our list. If this list had been ranked, then it would have been higher. But, since it’s not, it’s equally capable of handling all sorts of content.

Prepostseo tool

The application offers an exciting array of options, including the two paraphrasing modes. This includes the standard paraphrasing, or AI-version, which is still in beta phases. However, its capability is equally effective as the standard version. Besides this, the app also offers:

  • The ability to rephrase 500-words at a time;
  • The process of paraphrasing in the top bar;
  • Easy on the eye UI design;
  • Effective rephrasing in both content modes.

These factors make it one of our top picks in AI paraphrasing. Not only is this app effective, but it’s also an ideal app for everyone who wishes to paraphrase quickly and without breaking a step.


These are the three best apps a writer can use today. All of these applications offer something unique and outstanding. Therefore, pick the one that suits your needs, such as word count or content modes.

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