Top 10 Best KissAnime Alternatives Websites 2023

Anime has become so popular that it is streamed by kids and adults alike. Because of its huge popularity, many streaming platforms now offer fans access to stream these contents at a cost. Due to the rising cost of things, many are not willing to pay or subscribe to such service, hence KissAnime was launched. The platform holds and offers a huge library of Anime contents for free. Most of the contents offered by KissAnime are illegal, hence it was shut down. The site was taken down due to it breaching copyright law in several countries.

Due to the takedown, lovers of the site have been looking for the Best working KissAnime Alternatives. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the best and working Alternatives you can try out. The websites that made our list, where select based on User Interface, Anime library and user experience. Aside the criteria mentioned above, some of these websites are way better than KissAnime from our experience. You can check them out and then drop your comments to support or suggest more alternatives if you think our list is not good enough.

Reasons Why KissAnime Was Shut Down?

If you have been wondering why the popular KissAnime was shut down, the answer is pretty simple, breach the copyright law. Most of the contents offered by the website did not follow due process. It could be recalled that on August 14, The company notified users of the site that its beta servers have been pulled down by copyright holders. After the notice, the website began trending on Twitter, with many saying the platform may not recover. Well, that is exactly what happened, KissAnime was finally shut down and here we are looking for alternatives.

Why KissAnime Was So Popular?

Some of the reasons why KissAnime was very popular, was because its contents are free to access. Also, the sites hold a huge library of Anime contents and there are listed under categories. Its house’s contents ranging from Action, Adventure, Cars, Cartoon, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Kids, Magic, Music, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Samurai, Sports, Supernatural, Thriller and Vampire. You get to enjoy all these for free, without paying a dime.

Best KissAnime Alternatives

There are many Anime websites out there, and below are some of the best KissAnime Alternatives. These sites holds and offers a huge library of Anime contents for free.



This website was founded in 2006 and it is regarded as one of the top Anime sites on the web. Crunchyroll is available on multiple platforms such as on desktop, mobile, gaming consoles, and other streaming devices, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and PS4. Crunchyroll offers a free 14 day trial, but offers a basic start up plan of $7.99 per month. You can check out the site from the link below.



Anime planet

Anime-Planet has over 45,000 legal anime episodes and still counting. Founded back in 2001, the service offers all its content free to wish. It has a huge collection of high-quality anime and manga. It has an easy to use interface and you can navigate the categories smoothly. The webpage has a search button, making finding your favorite show very easy. Its free native makes it one of the best and top KissAnime Alternatives on the web.




Recently, AnimeLab merged Funimation to form a single streaming platform. Funimation before now, over 10,000 episodes and movies from different genres. It is a a paid subscription-based website. AnimeLab on the other hand, offers a huge library of Japanese anime series all for free. It service is available to users on different platform such as the web, PlayStation, Samsung store, Google Play Store, App Store, Xbox Store, and more. Before the merger, AnimeLab was a direct and one of the most suitable KissAnime Alternative Sites on the web




This is another great KissAnime Alternative website. It has a great user interface, plus it is free to watch. Another great advantage of Chia-Anime, is that all its episodes are available in the English subbed version. The websites offer thousands of anime and manga videos including shows, movies, soundtracks, drama, and more all for free to users.




GoGoAnime is a go website if you want to enjoy all the latest anime shows and movies. It is free to watch and offers a huge library of Anime contents. The platform has a beautiful website design and navigation is made easy.


Kiss Asians:

Kiss Asians

This is a free-to-watch platform and offers streamers a huge library of the latest anime shows and movies. It has a friendly user interface and navigation is also easy. Just like most Anime sites, Kiss Asians generates revenue from ads on the site. But if you wish to Kiss Asians also offers a premium subscription if those who wish not to be disturbed by the ads.




What makes Animelab great, is that it offers contents in HD formats. It has a robust Anime library that is updated with thousands of Anime movies and shows weekly. The website catalog contents into categories and this is further divided into subcategories.




9anime offers thousands of anime videos and movies in both English subbed and dubbed versions with amazing sound quality. Aside that you also get to watch its contents in HD formats. Another great feature of 9anime is that, you don’t need any registration. All its contents are free to watch.


Anime Freak:

Anime Freak

Anime Freak offers both anime and manga content to users of the site. It houses a huge library of anime and manga content in different genres. The platform has a friendly user interface with contents ranging from romance, humor, horror, action, and more.


Anime Frenzy:


Anime Frenzy looks more like Anime Freak in terms of design and contents offered. What makes Anime Frenzy unique is that you have the option to chat with other people while watching the same anime or manga. This is a great website for lovers of Anime and Manga shows and movies.



Here are some other great Anime websites that are also great and offers a good number of Anime and Manga movies and shows.

  • Anime Land:
  • Anime Karma:
  • HorribleSubs:
  • AniWatcher:
  • RyuAnime:


I hope the list is worth it, you can check them out and let us know which is your favorite alternatives. Please do that by using the comment box below.

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