Doogee V20 5G Scheduled To Launch With An AMOLED And Rear Display

This year, DOOGEE introduced a new rugged phone series. The V-series will be 5G rugged with flagship-level tech for your outdoors and adventurous lifestyle.

Doogee V20 5G Display

With a reported 100,000 V10 devices sold since its launch 2 months ago, Doogee has announced Doogee V20 as an upgrade to V10. V10’s success, according to the company was possible due to its large battery, fast charge, cameras, and temperature measurement capabilities, features they plan to keep and improve in the upcoming V20.

DOOGEE’s 2022 flagship is the first in the industry with dual display, one on the front, the other on the back. The front is a 6.43” Samsung AMOLED display with a 2k resolution. The high-definition display is the first on a rugged phone. It is thin, energy-efficient with great performance for a great immersive user experience.

V20’s unique design is complemented by a 1.05” rear display. A unique design that highlights personalities, backed by functionality. For instance, when the phone is on its face, it displays time, notifications, incoming calls and allows you to control your music.

On the case, carbon-fiber material was used, making V20 the most durable rugged phone. The material also helped reduce the weight of the phone significantly and improves the finish.

As a leading rugged phone brand, DOOGEE has successfully launched a number of phones with special features since 2019. DOOGEE phones lead the industry with large batteries, great cameras, and other practical features such as a laser range finder, infrared night vision camera, infrared thermometers, etc.

Doogee Rugged phones since 2019 till date

DOOGEE V20 will be officially launched and opened for purchase in February 2022. Visit the official landing page of V20 to follow and learn more. You can also take part in the games currently going on the page and stand the chance to win interesting prizes.

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