Get 4.5GB Data for N50 On MTN [Valid For 14 Days] 2023

Hello friends, today I will like to share with you, a way you can get up to 4.5GB Data for N50 On the MTN network. If done properly, you can even get more. This is a working cheat code supported by the MTN network. Although not really a cheat, but a working plan offered by the network. The only thing is that you have to be eligible for the offer.

Before we begin with the cheat, it is important to note that MTN offers a lot of amazing internet plans. You can check them out by dialing *131# or *121#. While these plans are great, some of them don’t last long or are just too expensive. This is where plans like this are useful.

How To Enjoy The 4.5GB Data for N50?

Start by recharging your phone with a enough credit, depending on the amount you can afford. After doing this, simply dial this code *131*87# from your phone and you will get a message that reads like so;

You will be charged N50 for this purchase of 200MB + 250MB 14-day plan.

See below.

Screenshot 20230117 054127 Phone

Proceed by pressing 1 which reads One-off purchase to subscribe to the offer. You will notice that you get 200MB + 250MB bonus data valid for 14-days. Now repeat the process all over again and again and you will be given 200MB + 250MB bonus data every time. Each time you do this, you will be changed N50 for the subscription. When you do this ten (10) times, you will get 4.5GB worth of data. This should cost you around N500 if you are just stopping at ten (10).


Please note that this is more of a plan offered by MTN than a cheat code. It is great for users that are low on budget but want more data for less. The plan works and can be used to browse at any time. Also, remember, as we have stated earlier that for the plan to work, you have to be eligible for the offer. I hope this helps, kindly share with your friends and family.

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