Glo Berekete Plus Plus Unveiled With 700% Bonus and More

Glo Nigeria has repackaged and introduced a new offer, called Berekete Plus Plus. This is designed to allow both new and existing customers the opportunity to talk and browse for a long time. In a statement from the leading telecom giant, Globacom said:

Berekete Plus Plus allows customers to talk endlessly to friends, loved ones, and business partners. It also gives an opportunity for quality browsing time, massive downloads, and the opportunity to watch movies on Glo TV, thus satisfying their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge.

On the new package offered by Glo, very new customers, gets a welcome bonus of N1,000, after registering his or her SIM, makes a recharge of a minimum of N100, and making his or her first call. The company explained that N800 out of the N1,000 welcome bonus will be used to call all networks at the rate of 75 kobo per second, while N200 will be used for data which equals 200MB data.

All Glo Berekete Plus Plus customers will also enjoy a 700% bonus which includes 400% for voice and 300% for data on every recharge to call all networks in Nigeria. Other bonuses include New customers on the plan will also enjoy additional data bonus on first recharge of the month, every month for six months. The Berekete Plus Plus package also includes up to 100% bonus on every data plan purchased by customers every month for 4 months.

How Glo Berekete Plus Plus Works?

A breakdown of the offer shows that when a customer makes a recharge of a N100, he or she will enjoy N400 voice bonus for calls to all networks, a free 100MB data bonus on first recharge of the month for browsing. when you make a N500 recharge, you get a N2,000 voice bonus for calls to all networks and a free 550MB data bonus on first recharge of the month. Also, you you make a N1,000 recharge, you get N4,000 voice bonus for calls to all networks and a free 1100MB data bonus on first recharge of the month.

How To Activate and subscribe to the Berekete Plus Plus Package?

By default, all new Glo customers will be welcome to the network by the Berekete Plus Plus Package. For existing customers, the dial the *777# code to subscribe to the plan.

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