Google Messages To Get Emoji Reactions, Voice Message Transcripts And More

Googles’ default Android messaging app, will be getting new features. This is according to a report, coming from the popular website, 9to5Google. The new features are designed to improve the app experience after the failed #GetTheMessage campaign highlighting Apple’s lack of RCS support and a new app icon update.

It is said that the update will make the Google Messages app possible for users to view voice memo transcripts, respond to messages with emoji and more. Currently, reactions are limited to only seven emojis, but with the update, you get more. The upcoming feature is currently available for the latest beta version of the Google Messages app.

Upcoming Features:

  • Full Emoji Reactions: With this feature, Google Messages will let you react to received messages with any emoji. The thumbs-down emoji has been replaced with an “add emoji” indicator. By simply tapping this button, it displays the full array of emoji on your Android phone, which can be used to react to a message.
  • Voice Message Transcripts: With this feature, voice message can be transcribed automatically or by the touch of a button. What this means, is that voice messages are converted to text messages for easy reading.
  • Revamped Gallery View: Also coming via the update, is a redesigned photo gallery. The software gives a horizontally scrolling grid of your recent photographs and screenshots, plus the option to capture a photo on the go. Users may now scroll vertically through photos, utilizing more of the screen as they do so. “Folders” replaces “Gallery” and gives a similar experience.

The update has been spotted on the Google Pixel 7 Pro so it may be rolling out in stages soon.


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