Google Pixel 6A Unlocking With Unregistered Fingerprints

Just recently, Google launched the Pixel 6A into the Indian market. The device has started facing issues as reported by some users. According to some reviewers, they noticed that the in-display fingerprint scanner of the phone can be unlocked even with an unregistered fingerprint. This seems to be a major security problem, because anyone can get access to the device.

The issue was first brought to light by Beebom on YouTube. In their testing, the Pixel 6a unlocked with the thumb prints of two addition team members even though their prints were never registered. See video below.

YouTuber Geekranjit who also carried out some test on the Pixel 6A also find out that he could unlock the phone with both his thumb prints, even though only one was registered.

While the Pixel 6A may be working fine in all other aspects, it is advisable for users to set a strong passcode. Meanwhile, the company is yet to reveal anything about the issue

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