Fix: HBO Max Not Working On Safari

Hey guys, if you are facing difficulties watching HBO Max on Safari web browser, then this post is for you. These are one of the many problems faced by users for some time now. Others include difficulties in turning off audio captions as well as Picture in Picture mode not working. In this post, we shall be looking at some easy fix to the topic above.

Reasons Why HBO Max Not Working On Safari

There could be many reasons behind the reason HBO Max is not working on Safari. These may include issues of bugs on your existing version of Safari browser, network stability issues or the use of a VPN. To fix these issues, start by ensuring your Internet is not experiencing high latency problems, then check for Safari updates and update if available. If you are using a VPN, then also try disabling it.

How To Fix

Below are the easy steps to fixing the problem on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or MacBook. These are easy steps and you can do it yourself.

See If HBO Max Servers Are Down:

First, start by checking to see if the HBO Max servers might go down. To do this, go to this page HERE to access the HBO Max status page on DownDetector. Next is to check if there are any ongoing problems with HBO Max services. You can also visit @HBOMaxHelp on Twitter and see if there are any issues. The service has a very active twitter page which handles reports about the said issue.

This is the best way to go before trying other methods below. If you can’t find help from above, the you can try the below methods.

Checking Your Network Stability and High Latency:

Another easy fix is checking to see if your Internet network has a problem. If you must know, HBO Max is an OTT platform that allows the streaming of video content through the Internet. This requires an excellent and stable Internet connection with low latency. So with a bad internet connection, HBO Max might not work well on Safari.

To check if this is your problem, simply go to, hit the GO button, and wait for the website to run a full Internet speed test. Next, is to note the download speed and ping once the test is complete. For a smoother streaming experience, your internet connection most be at least 10 to 15 Mbps. Also, if the ping is so high, you may experience buffering while watching shows or movies.

Turn Off VPN:

If you have a VPN turn ON, try turning it off, because this might be the reason your HBO Max is not working on Safari. HBO Max has geo-restriction on certain content, so you might not be able to access every content if your VPN is turned on.

If you are facing the issue of HBO Max is not working on Safari, check to see if you have your VPN turned on and then disable it. This might help to fix the issue, if not, then try the next process.

Try Updating Safari:

If you are running the old version of Safari, then possibility might arise that the reason behind HBO Max not working could be as a result of bugs and technical glitches. To fix this issue, simply update your browser to the latest version.

Clear HBO Max Website Cookies:

One easy way to fix HBO Max is not working on Safari is by clearing the entire HBO Max website data from Safari. This will help remove cookies, saved data, settings and configurations as well as history. This act as a form to reset to make your browser work well

To do this, Open Safari and navigate to Preferences >> Go to the Privacy tab, you will see Cookies and website data, under that, click Manage Website Data. Scroll through the list and find When you find it, highlight it and click on Remove. When you are done, close and then reopen Safari to see if it works.


These are some of the best and easy methods to help to fix why HBO Max is not working on Safari. Other methods you can try include; checking to see if HBO Max is blocked, using a different internet browser and switching internet connect. if any of the methods above worked for you, please tell us via the comment section.

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