How To Get 1.5GB Data from N200 On MTN Oct 2023

Hello guys, today, I will like to share with you to a very cheap data offer from MTN Nigeria. On this post, I will be showing you, how to get 1.5GB data for just N200 on the MTN platform. As you all well know, the price of data in Nigeria is always on the increase and one must confess that it no longer use to be as much as before. That is, the data drains faster and it seems like MTN is doing nothing about it.

With the current level of SAPA in the country, everyone is looking for the best as well as the cheapest data plan not just on MTN, but on every network. This is why I am dropping this post and we will be having more of this type of post regularly on this blog. So without wasting your time, let me dive into the topic above.

How You Can Get MTN 1.5GB from N200

Before I go into details, please understand that this offer is limited to a number of MTN users. What this means is that, not everyone is qualified for the offer. You can check to see if you qualify for the offer. If you are, then great, if not; sorry dear, I will be dropping more to see if you qualify. Now to the business of the day.

To enjoy this offer, simply dial *131*88# on your mobile phone and you will see this below.

MTN 1.5GB data for N200

As you can see above, the plan offers you 1GB data + 500MB extra data for just N200. You can proceed by dialing 1 (One-off Purchase) to get the offer.


If you know you are qualified for and got the offer, kindly drop your comments below. If not, still let of know. I will be dropping more from MTN and other networks. Please kindly share with friends and loved ones.

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