How You Can Reset A DStv Remote Control

Do you know that you can reset a DStv remote control? Wondering how, this is pretty much easy to do and I will be showing you that in a while. Before performing a reset on a remote control, you should find out or at least know the model of the remote.

Performing a reset on your remote, is only possible when you are having a problem or malfunction. Before opening the remote to look for the problem, simply perform the reset to see if it will help. Also, you should understand that they are different model of DStv remote and the reset method differs too. The way you reset a PVR Remote is different from that of a DStv Explora Remote. Even that of a DStv Explora, comes in different model number too. It is very important to know the model and type of remote you are working with.

How To Reset DStv Explora Remote (model A6)

  1. Start by pressing and hold the ARC and STANDBY buttons for 3 seconds. Doing this, the LED colors will change to Amber
  2. Next is to release the Standby button while the ARC is still pressed down.
  3. Carefully enter 9949 while still pressing down the ARC button and you will get three green blinks
  4. Finally release the ARC button and you have successfully reset your remote.

How To Reset DStv Explora Remote (model A7)

In the case of the model A7,

  1. Press both the STANDBY and OPTION button for more than 3 seconds. This will cause the LED to gives 2 short red blinks.
  2. Next, you will press 9 and you get a short red blink
  3. Press 8 and you will see a short red blink
  4. Press 1 and you will see two short red blinks
  5. Then finally, press OK for more about 3 seconds and you will get four red blinks.

Doing this, you have successfully reset your remote.

How To Reset Your DStv PVR Remote

For the PVR remote,

  1. Simply press and hold the SHIFT button until you get three blinks from the mode window
  2. Next, you enter the code 977, and you will get three blinks from the mode window.

After that, your PVR Remote have been successfully reset. Just in case you have any question or contribution, simply use the comment box below. I hope this will help you when next you have a problem with your remote.

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