Moto A10, A50 and A70 Feature Phones Launching In India

Motorola will be launching three new feature phones in the Indian market. This will include the Moto 10, Moto 50, and Moto 70. The three phones will feature a 1750mAh battery, support dual SIM and comes with a two-year replacement guarantee scheme.

As for the specs, both the Moto A10 and Moto A50 will feature a 1.8-inch color screen, as well as a torch. They will be powered by MediaTek MT6261D chipset. Both devices will support a micro SD card slot of up to 32GB and a 3.5mm audio jack. While the A50 features a rear camera, the A10 has non.

Moto A10, Moto A50, Moto A70

The Moto A70 on the other hand, has a bigger 2.4-inch screen display, and comes powered by a Unisoc chipset. Aside these two features, the A70 has a similar appearance and other features as the Moto A10 and Moto A50.

For the prices of the phones, the Moto A10 is expected to arrive in five Indian states at a cost for about $20, while the Moto A50 and Moto A70 will be about $25.

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