Prepostseo Review: All In One SEO Tool

There are millions of platforms that help bloggers, webmasters, writers, and even students so, in this guide, we are going to discuss one of them. First of all, it is compulsory to use tools for better results no matter whether you’re writing a blog, optimizing your website, or even solving any mathematical problems.

That’s the reason, we are going to review Prepostseo and find out the best of it. It is quite obvious by the name that this platform will be very helpful in “Pre” and “Post” search engine optimization. But things are not done here! We can see hundreds of tools available on this single website. And if we talk about the positive point of Prepostseo, we can say that the tools offered by this website are very accurate and easy to use.

It can be a good choice for every person to give this platform a try no matter whether he is related to writing, blogging, freelancing, and even the educational field.

What makes Prepostseo notable among other tool providers?

As we have mentioned above, all the tools are very accurate and easy to use. Undoubtedly, these two terms are very much needed in every field.

But this is not restricted to it only. Here are some reasons why you need to consider Prepostseo, have a look below.

  • Accuracy guaranteed
  • User-friendly interface
  • Writing tools
  • Educational tools
  • SEO tools
  • Website management tools
  • Calculators

We can consider this platform as a one-stop-shop as there are hundreds of tools available and these tools are related to every field of life.

Is Prepostseo free or paid?

There are both options available, you can use the free version and you can also go for premium accounts. If you are a basic user like your requirements are very basic then you can go for the free versions of every tool, but if you want to go pro, login to the premium subscriptions.

We can see three pricing plans and all these three are enlisted, you can go for any.

1.    Company

This is considered the full-fledge package, especially for companies. You can get the following things using this subscription.

  • 500,000 queries
  • Deep search
  • Captcha free
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Plagiarism APIs supported
  • 24/7 service and support

All these features are enough for even multi-national companies so, go ahead and buy this subscription for 350$ per year.

2.    Standard

You can use a standard subscription for 150$ per year and it is considered one step lower than the previously discussed subscription. Here you can see what you’ll get in the standard version.

  • 200,000 queries
  • Deep search
  • Captcha free
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Plagiarism APIs supported
  • 24/7 service and support

3.    Basic

All these subscriptions differ by the search queries only, the rest of the things are the same so, have a look at them.

  • 50,000 queries
  • Deep search
  • Captcha free
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Plagiarism APIs supported
  • 24/7 service and support

Most famous and useful Prepostseo tools

As all the tools are really beneficial, but there are some tools that are really famous among bloggers, writers, and even freelancers. We are going to mention all of these tools below.

1.    Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker

A plagiarism checker is very important for blogging or even preparing assignments as it is necessary to be unique. But, how plagiarism checker helps in this context?

As we all know that a plagiarism checker is used to check for plagiarism in any content and we cannot remove plagiarism without highlighting it in the content. So, a plagiarism checker is very much needed. This plagiarism checker by Prepostseo comes along with many features that encourage the users to give this tool a try. Here are some of them.

Checks up to 25,000 words per submission

There are few tools that are offering these many word limits so, you don’t divide your content into chunks for checking plagiarism.

Using this plagiarism checker, you can check for plagiarism in your lengthy thesis or even research reports.

Multiple languages available

We can say that this tool is used all across the globe because there are multiple languages available that help a user check for plagiarism in the files written in other languages.

Three uploading sources

You are not restricted to upload a file from your device as this plagiarism checker allows a user to upload a file from different sources. Here are all of them.

  • Local storage
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive

2.    DA checker

DA checker

DA stands for domain authority and this tool helps in checking the domain authority of any website. Domain authority is mainly introduced by Moz and that is the most reliable source of checking the DA of any website, but what if this tool uses the APIs of Moz to check the da of a site?

It means the DA checker by Prepostseo is as accurate as Moz so, you can rely on the results. Below are the reasons why we need to prioritize this da checker over others.

Check multiple domains at a time

This tool also comes along with the free and paid version but there is a bit difference between these two versions. In the free version, you can check the da of 10 websites at a time but in the paid version, you can surely check 500 websites at a time. So, it is worth paying for this tool and checking the da of 500 websites at a time.

Exclude the same URL and same domain

Sometimes, we paste the same URL and same domain, but this da checker will automatically exclude the redundancy. All you need is to check to mark these two options located right below the tool.

3.    Paraphrasing tool

paraprasing tool 2

Paraphrasing tool is majorly used to remove plagiarism with the help of synonyms. If you are a writer or blogger, you must use this tool at least once in your career. And most of the people must be aware of the working of a paraphraser.

So, we are not getting into the explanation about how this tool works, and let’s get straight to the introduction of the paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo.

Four modes of paraphrasing

This tool is not restricted to a single-mode only as there are four different modes available, you can use any of them.

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative

You can the simple, advanced, fluency mode for free, but for using the creative mode, you need to buy the premium subscription.

No words limit

There is no specified word limit for using this paraphraser, you can rephrase your content containing thousands of words.

We can say that there are just a few rephrasing tools that allow users to rephrase such a big number of words.

Upload a file from three sources

You can simply enter the text in the input box or copy-paste the text in the input box, but if you don’t want to do this, this tool has a solution. All you can do is upload a file from three different sources, here are these.

  • Local storage
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive

Multiple languages available

What if a user needs to rephrase the content written in the Spanish language? They can surely use this paraphrasing tool because it offers multiple languages.

You can rephrase your text in the following languages.

  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Many more

Prepostseo offers tools in other languages

No matter if your native language is not English, you can still use the tools offered by Prepostseo as they offer multiple language support. You need to select any offered language.

Mobile applications

paraprasing tool

Prepostseo also offers mobile applications for the ease of the users. Mobile applications are considered handier and easier to use.

You can download the application from the Apple store and Play store because it offers both of the mainly used operating systems.

We can say that the mobile applications of this platform are as accurate as of the web tools so, you can also use them.

 Text summering\

Pros and cons of

Everything in this world comes along with some benefits but there are also some disadvantages and the same goes for this tool-providing platform.

We are going to explain some of the pros and cons of Prepostseo, you can have a look at them and decide whether to use it or not.


  1. Hundreds of tools are available
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Free version available
  4. Other languages available
  5. Mobile applications available
  6. Accurate and efficient


  1. Paid version may be disturbing for some users.
  2. Ads


As we have mentioned above, there are many tools available on the internet, but what you think every tool is accurate or efficient? Absolutely not! There are millions of tools that are not efficient in other words, these tools are just a waste of time so, you need to avoid them.

The reason for discussing Prepostseo is to clarify its efficiency and accurate tools so, you can have a look at this guide and decide whether to go for it or not.

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