Samsung Working On A 320MP And 440MP Sensors

Samsung smartphones are known for having one of the best cameras on the market. The company launched the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with an impressive 200MP camera, making it a revolutionary in the smartphone business. Even with such massive 200MP camera, the company is always looking for room for improvement.

According to Revegnus (@Tech_Reve), it is said that Samsung is working on 4 bigger camera sensors that will hit the market soon. This info was shared on X (formerly Twitter). The lineup includes a 440MP HU1 sensor, an undisclosed 320MP sensor, a 200MP HP7 sensor with 0.7-micron pixels, and a 50MP ISOCELL GN6 sensor featuring 1.6-micron pixels.

440MP Sensor: While it remains uncertain whether this sensor will be utilized in smartphones, it’s possible that it’s intended for non-smartphone applications like automotive or industrial sectors. Samsung’s ambition to launch camera sensors with human-eye-equivalent resolution (500MP to 600MP) was stated in 2020, making the 440MP sensor a significant stride towards this goal.

320MP Sensor: The leaker suggested that this sensor might find its way into the Galaxy S26 Ultra. The 320MP sensors are supported by MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 chipset, hinting at their potential as the next step after 200MP cameras.

200MP HP7 Sensor: Similar to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP HP2 sensor, this rumored HP7 sensor seems promising. Although slightly larger pixels are anticipated, delivering enhanced image quality, it’s noted that this sensor might not feature in a Samsung phone due to its high cost.

50MP ISOCELL GN6 Sensor: This sensor could mark Samsung’s entry into the one-inch camera market, aligning with Sony’s IMX989 sensor in pixel size. Notably, the one-inch sensor is sought-after for superior camera phones. However, the leaker predicts Chinese manufacturers as potential adopters, rather than Samsung.

The ISOCELL GN6 sensor’s launch is anticipated, potentially providing smartphone brands an alternative to Sony’s monopoly on one-inch sensors. More options could lead to cost reductions and enhanced innovation in the smartphone camera space.

While we’re still months away from the Galaxy S24 series launch, early rumors have begun circulating. Initial indications suggest a minor upgrade for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, with improvements in the 10x zoom sensor and the addition of a 50MP telephoto camera.

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