South Korean Wants 6G Ready By 2026

5G came with a lot of controversies that saw smartphone makers and governments alike, involved in a brutal war. While we are yet to scratch the surface of the 5G technology in terms of applications, 6G has already started generating buzz.

Aside tech giants and major smartphone brands, some government have shown interest in the development of 6G technology. One of such, is the South Korean government. According to a recent report, the South Korean government wants 6G prototypes to be ready in 2026. It is revealed that the government wants a prototype ready in 2026, so that the technology can be ready for commercialization in the late 2020s or early 2030s.

In a statement released by the Presidential Transition Committee, the said;

When it comes to future economic growth drivers, the current government is focusing on non-memory chip, future car and biotech and healthcare. The new government is planning to add 6G communications, secondary battery, display, defense and aerospace, advanced nuclear power plant and digital content.

The government wants it done as soon as possible. From what we know, 5G is 1,000 times the bandwidth of a typical Ethernet port) and latency of under 100 µs (one 10,000th of a second). When compared to 5G, 6G aims to deliver 50 times higher peak data rates and to reduce latency 10 times.

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