Telegram v8.5 Update Brings Improved Navigation, Video Stickers And More

Telegram is constantly working to improve its platform. It recently rolled out a new update that comes with some improvement. Some of the new features added include new video stickers, improved message reactions, improved navigation between chats, and a button to review unseen reactions.

What’s New in Telegram v8.5 Update:

  • Video Stickers
  • Better Reactions
  • New Reactions and Interactive Emoji
  • Navigating Recent Chats
  • Bug Busting and More

Video Stickers:

This feature allows users to easily create detailed animated stickers using any video editing program. As always, the stickers can be published using the Stickers bot.

Better Reactions:

The new update now makes reactions synchronized, so your recipients will see the animations in real time. To send a larger effect, press and hold on a reaction in the menu.

New Reactions and Interactive Emoji:

The new update also adds 5 new reactions, which can also be sent as interactive emoji. Users can press and hold on a reaction in the menu for a larger effect.

Navigating Recent Chats:

The update also added a new way to navigate between unread channels. To do this, simply press and hold the ‘Back’ button to return to a specific chat.

Bug Busting and More:

The new update also fixed many other issues as well as made a lot of improvements. These include improving call quality, adding support for translation to Instant View pages (and bios on iOS), adding the option to send silent messages from the sharing menu – and dozens of other improvements. On iOS, you’ll also notice new animations when tapping icons in the tab bar.

Source: Telegram

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