World’s First iPhone 12 Pro Max With USB-C Port Goes On Sale On eBay

A company in Slovakian by the name DEEP has successfully modified an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max to fully function with a USB-C port. The device which is currently up for sale on eBay, comes as the world’s first Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max spoting a USB Type-C port. This is coming after a Robotics student Ken Pillonel of Switzerland managed to modify an iPhone X back in November.

The device is currently being auctioned on eBay with a starting price of $1,375. The auction has launched on Thursday and will end on March 6 at 3AM ET. The listing shows that the device is 3 months used, without scratches and in an excellent condition. According to him, it is 100% tested and work like new. The battery health, is at 99% capacity, which is good.

After prying the phone open and removing the Lightning port flex cable assembly, measurements of the USB-C connector are taken so that a housing can be installed on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After removing the Lightning port’s gasket, the opening left behind is barely enough for a USB-C plug to fit inside.

Meanwhile, a flex cable is designed with the USB-C port that implemented an original MFi chip gutted from a different device. This is then soldered onto the flex assembly and installed back on the device with the new 3D-printed housing. The USB-C plug fits almost perfectly.

For the new placement of the MFi chip to fit, the speaker module must be filed down a bit. After careful reassembly and installation of a new battery, the USB-C iPhone 12 Pro Max is ready to be powered back on.

When tested, the device worked with with iTunes, storage connects to Mac, and it charges properly with an original Apple charger using a USB-C to C cable. If you which to get your hands on the device, then visit eBay for more.

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