Xiaomi Is Number 1 Selling Smartphone Brand In India And Europe 2021

The smartphone business is constantly evolving with many gainers and losing. After Huawei was hammered by the US government with sanctions, due to privacy issue, China now has a new kid on the block. Known as Xiaomi, the Beijing based manufacturer has been enjoying different levels of success growing from just number 3 in China, to a major brand in the world.

The company has grown to the point that it now competes with the likes of Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi Inc is currently the number 1 (one) selling smartphone brand in both India and Europe in Q2 2021. This is according to a report released by Counterpoint and Strategy Analytics.

The Counterpoint report shows that the smartphone market in India crossed 33 million shipments with Xiaomi leading the market. It revealed that Xiaomi took the top spot with 28.4% and it was followed by Samsung who has 17.7%. Making up the list is Vivo with 15.1%, Realme with 14.6%, OPPO with 10.4%, and others with 13.8%.

India smartphone market share

The report by Counterpoint says that the POCO brand, the Redmi 9 series, as well as the Redmi Note 10 series where the top device for the Chinese manufacture that drove its shipments. The company also saw a significant growth in the feature phone department. When combined, Xiaomi took 20.5% of the total shipment, while Samsung has 16.6%. Completing the list, is Vivo with 10.9%, Realme with 10.5%, Itel with 8.2% and the others stand at 36.5%

India smartphone market share 2021

Strategy Analytics report, shows that Xiaomi has a 25.3% of the smartphone shipment market share in Europe. This is closely followed by Samsung with 24%, Apple has 19.2%, OPPO with 5.6%, Realme with 3.8%, and others with 22.2%.

While speaking on the report, Boris Metodiev, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics, said:

The highlight of the quarter is Xiaomi who emerged as the number one vendor in shipment terms for the first time. Xiaomi shipped almost 13 million units on the continent to displace longtime leader Samsung. Xiaomi has seen great success in Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Italy among others and found customers eager for its Mi and Redmi series of feature rich, value smartphones.

It could be said that Xiaomi’s success is also due to Huawei’s demise in Europe, a situation that Samsung is failing to use to their advantage. What do you think, please drop your comments via the comment box below.

Sources: Counterpointresearch, Fonearena.com

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