How To Buy a Phone in Nigeria and Pay Later

With the rising cost of living in Nigeria, many persons are looking for alternative ways of doing things. One of such, is how to buy a phone and pay via monthly instalments. While some might be lucky, it is not that easy to just throw out cash to get yourself a new these days.

As we already know, most phone sellers will allow you pay instalment and collect the phone after the completion of the full payment, this guide will show another way to get the phone, while still paying for it. That is, you get the phone instantly and pay on a monthly base while using the phone. So if this is what you are looking for, then gather here brothers and sisters.

Ways You Can Buy Phones and Pay Later in Nigeria

1. Easybuy


This is a service owned and operated by Palmpay, a Chinese loan company. It is the most popular way for you to get yourself a new phone and pay later. With this service, you can easily walk into any approve or accredited store to get yourself a new phone without worrying about payment. Easybuy makes it possible for Nigerians to get any phone of their choice and pay via monthly instalments.

How To Buy A Phone Using Easybuy?

All you need for this to work is to visit any Easybuy shop, with the choice of phone in your mind,  your BVN, 30% down payment and a working ATM card. An agent will collect your bio data and after the approver, your new phone will be given to you.


  • Your BVN
  • ATM Card
  • Your Down Payment which is 30% the price of the phone

2. Spredda


This is an e-commerce website that allows you to buy a new phone and pay later. Its mode of service is a bit different from Easybuy. Spredda offers two options which are PaQart or Layby. If you choose to go with PayQart, this option allows you to buy a phone of your choice and pay back the money with interest within a 6 month period.

The Layby option means you make an initial 20% deposit on the phone you wish to buy and a three month grace period will be given to you to complete the full payment before the phone will be given to you. This option does not attract any form of interest.


If you ask me, the best option among the listed two above, it the Easybuy option. It is the most convenient of the two because they have accredited stores nationwide. Just in case you have any question about the Easybuy method, simply drop your comment below and I will help you, since I offer this option in my shop.

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