Fujifilm Patents Foldable Phone Similar To Samsung Galaxy Fold

Japanese company Fujifilm is reportedly working on a foldable display smartphone. The company, which is well known for making cameras and printers, recently filed a new patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) that was titled ‘Electronic device and non-transitory computer readable medium.’

The report is according to LetsGoDigital and it reviewed that the design of the device looks quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series. The patents for the Fujifilm foldable phone was made on August 3, 2020 and was published on September 9, 2021. According to the Fujifilm patent documentation, its foldable device doesn’t only look similar to the Samsung fold device but also in operation.

Fujifilm foldable smartphone Patent

The documentation also revealed the possibility to operate the flexible screen with a stylus pen. The device can be placed in different angle and the documentation revealed a folding angle of 30 to 135 degrees. The design concept also revealed that if a user has opened a particular app on the large screen and then folds the device, the app will be shown on the smaller front screen – and vice versa. This is also a function that we already know from Samsung and is also called App Continuity.

Details about the back and cameras where no revealed, but with a company like Fujifilm working on a smartphone, we should expect a pretty decent camera spec on the device. While we await to see if the concept will see the light of day, Graphic Designed Technizo Concept has already created some clear product renders based on the Fujifilm patent. See images above.

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