How To Check Your Airtel Number {4 Methods}

Airtel Nigeria is one of the major telecom company in the country, with millions of active users. It offers one of the best internet bundle plans, as well as some of the best tariff plans. While the telco giant holds a sizeable share in the telecom industry, many users, still don’t know how to check their Airtel number.

In today’s post, I will share with you, different methods on how you can do this. Checking your number can be done via four (4) different methods and this post will cover all. This post is important because if you are a new subscriber on the Airtel network, you will see that your SIM pack, doesn’t come with your phone.

Methods Of Checking Airtel Numbers?

Just like I stated above, checking for an Airtel number, can be done in four (4) ways. These four (4) methods include via USSD Code, Using SMS, Speaking with Customer Care Agent or Calling Another Number With Your Number. Of all the methods, using the USSD Code, is the best.

Calling Another Number With Your Number

One of the quickest methods to check for your Airtel number, is by recharging your line and calling a friend or loved ones, with your recharged line. This method is best for an existing customer, how doesn’t really knows his or her line, but have been using it for some time now.

Speaking with Customer Care Agent Via 111

Another method you can use to check for your Airtel number, is by calling the company’s customer care number. Instead of speaking to a customer representative, simply follow the voice prompt and then choose 1 for language selection, and then 1 again to manage your line and then finally, press 6 to know your number.

Note: You can also choose 9 to be transferred to an agent, where you can speak with a staff and you phone number will be relayed to you. I will not advise this, because it is a lengthy process as you will have to hold why the auto response passes you to a customer agent.

Checking Airtel Numbers Via SMS

This method is another easy and quick method to know your Airtel number. It cost you just N4 SMS charges and you are good to go. What you need to do, is send a short message e.g. (Hi) to any of your friends and then ask your friend to relay to you, the number that sent him or her the message.

Checking Airtel Numbers Using USSD Code

This is the best and recommended method I will suggest to my readers. There are about three codes you can use to do this. See below;

  • *121#, reply with 3 and finally, reply with 4
  • *121*9#
  • *282#


You can use any of the above listed methods and you will get the same result. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or anything like that. If you know the post was helpful to you, please help us share on Facebook, Twitter or any of the social media platforms you are using.

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