How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one cool feature that will allow you to enjoy your device at night. We have seen many apps and websites, adding the feature to its services and WhatsApp is now part of that. We have shared you can enable it on Facebook and today we shall be looking at you can enable this feature on WhatApp. We are going to be looking at how you can do these on your Android and iPhone. Without wasting your time, let’s begin.

What Is Dark Mode Feature:

Dark Mode is a feature that helps you turn the device screen dark so that you can use it at night time without damaging your eyes. The feature is very cool and can also help save battery life too. It makes working on your phone or any device more comfortable and enjoyable, especially at night or in low light environments.

Enabling Dark Mode On iPhone

If you what to enable Dark Mode on iPhone, the process is simple. Just follow the steps below and you can enjoy the feature on your phone.

  • Start by going to settings on your iPhone

Image 1

  • From there, Click on Display & Brightness

Image 2

  • Next, you select Dark Mode Option under APPEARANCE
  • Doing this will also enable dark mode on your WhatsApp.

Enabling Dark Mode On Android Phone

  • Go to setting via WhatsApp

Image 3

  • Click on Chat

Image 4

  • Next, is to select the theme option

Image 5

  • From the option, select “Dark” to enable Dark Mode

Image 6

These are the steps you can use to enable the Dark Mode feature on your Android and iPhone. I hope this help. Please kindly drop your comments below.

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