Ntel Latest Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Without VPN or Data Plan

Ntel Nigeria, is a telecom service provider, known for its fast 4G LTE services. Users of old Ntel SIM are very familiar with the constant free browsing. Today, we will be sharing one of these so you can enjoy free browsing without using any VPN or  active data subscription.

Whether or not it is a glitch or deliberate act of the company, we can’t tell. All we can say is that Ntel is browsing free and it works on all SIM. Yes, you heard me right, all Ntel SIM card are browsing and you can join those enjoy the it right now.

How To Set Up Ntel Latest Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat?

Like we mentioned above, this might be a glitch on the network part and we can’t officially confirm. The free browsing currently blazing is not a cheat so you don’t need or require and cheat code or VPN to power it. All you need to do, is place your SIM card (old or new) on your phone, and enjoy.

If it works for you, kindly drop your comments and views below using the comment box. Your thought and ideals are welcome. Thanks.

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