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Back in April this year, Opera announced the birth of its new AI-Powered browser called Opera One. The browser which comes as the first to be powered by a native AI, is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux users. The new browser is now available for download will be replacing the old Opera browser according to the company.

The native AI according to the company, is called Ariel. It will be the first browser AI integrated within Opera One. Developed in collaboration with OpenAI, Aria is an advanced generative AI service that comes with enhanced capabilities, making it a valuable addition to Opera’s feature lineup.

Aria, powered by Opera’s Composer AI engine and connected to OpenAI’s GPT, acts as both a web and browser expert. With Aria, users can seamlessly collaborate with AI while conducting web searches, generating text or code, and obtaining product information.

Additionally, Aria possesses comprehensive knowledge of Opera’s support documentation, enabling it to assist users with their inquiries effectively.

Features of Aria:

  • Native Browser AI: Aria, the first browser AI, is seamlessly integrated into Opera One, providing users with advanced generative AI capabilities.
  • Web and Browser Expertise: Aria acts as a knowledgeable companion for users, assisting with web searches, text/code generation, and product queries.
  • Command Line Integration: The new command line feature allows users to interact with Aria’s responses directly in the sidebar, enhancing convenience and user experience. Users can simply press ctrl+/ (Win) or cmd+/ (Mac) to trigger an overlay and interact directly with Aria.
  • Contextual Prompts: Aria incorporates contextual prompts, enabling users to access relevant suggestions by right-clicking or highlighting text within the browser.
  • Access to ChatGPT: Opera One offers users access to the popular ChatGPT service in the browser sidebar, providing additional functionality and flexibility.
  • User-Controlled Experience: Opera’s AI is designed to be user-controlled, giving users the freedom to choose whether or not to engage with AI services.

Tab Islands: A New Approach to Tab Management

Traditional tab management methods no longer meet the demands of today’s internet users. Opera One introduces Tab Islands, a revolutionary way of organizing tabs that caters to the complexity of the web and the diverse needs of users. By addressing the challenges associated with tab clutter and task switching, Tab Islands offer an intuitive and flexible solution.

Enhanced Tab Organization and Effortless Context Switching

Tab Islands in Opera One automatically group related tabs based on context, enabling seamless navigation between tasks. Users can keep browsing contexts separate, rearrange tabs, collapse islands, or save them for later.

This intuitive system empowers users with improved flexibility and control over their tab management. Whether planning a trip or working on multiple Google Docs, tab islands ensure focused topics and effortless context switching.

Modular Design and Smoother Navigation

Opera One adopts Modular Design, evolving to meet users’ needs in the age of AI. Key features are prioritized based on context, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

With a new multithreaded compositor, Opera One delivers a faster and smoother user interface, setting it apart as a unique Chromium-based browser.

Exciting Future Developments

Opera One represents the initial step in a new evolution cycle for the flagship Opera browser. The company has plans to introduce numerous AI-centric updates throughout the year, enhancing the web experience for users.

Where To Download Opera One AI-Powered Browser?

You can download the latest version of the Opera One browser from this link HERE. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux users for free.

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