Reasons Why Streaming Sites Geo-Block Their Content

Have you every wondered why most top streaming sites geo-block contents on their platform. Have you asked why some contents are accessible to other regions, but not to yours? There are many websites and platform that are not available in your region or country because your IP might have been banned or block. If you have ever wondered why it is so, then this post will try to ask that question.

If you are a fan of YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, changes is that you may have come across this word “content is not available in your region“. You there is a fix to that problem via the link above, we shall be looking at the main reasons behind it.

Meaning Of Geo-Blocking?

The word Geo-blocking, which is also called geo-filtering or region-locking, refers to when an organization restricts a region or countries from viewing its contents. The restriction may range from articles, websites, services or in most cases, videos.

An organization may choose to Geo-Block contents to a country, state or even a city. The level of restrictions, varies from service to service, depending on what they are offering.

Why are Products and services Geo-Block?

One of the major reasons why streaming service geo-block contents is due to licensing or copyright issues. To legally distribute a particular piece of content in your region, a service needs to own the distribution rights to that specific market. A good example, is the English Premiership or the UEFA champions League. Before these contents to be available in your regions, an organization most have the right.

Another reason why contents are geo-blocked, is to segment different markets. Some region has the type of contents that they allow. Others have different languages and also, there is the issue of prices. All of this makes what can be shown and cannot be shown to a particular region.

How Services Geo-Block Contents?

One of the main process services uses to Geo-Block contents, is via IP address. These companies can use your IP or even GPS to determine your location. When they have successfully pinpointed your location, a ban is placed on that IP address. You will notice that when you move to a different location, that same content will then be accessible.

How To Fix This Issue?

One of the easiest and simplest ways to fix blocked content in your region, is the making use of a VPN. With a great VPN, you can access most blocked sites. To see other methods, see How To Fix Content Not Available in Your Country.


About are the reasons why some Products and services are Geo-Blocked in your region. I hope this article was helpful, please drop your comments and contributions below.

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