SuperTV: App That Lets You Watch Movies and Live TV Without Data

We know how expensive the cost of internet data can be in this part of the world. That is why most times, we search for free stuffs on the internet. Some of the searches we make includes, how to access the internet free, how to watch free videos and also how to stream free movies online. If you are one among the many people that are looking for a way to watch or stream live TV on your device, then you are in the right place.

Today I will love to introduce you to a free app that lets you watch and stream your favorite shows with zero or no data. Yes, you heard me right. The app is designed to allow you stream and watch live TV and shows on your data, without a paid internet subscription plan. Know as SuperTV, you get unlimited access to enjoy all your favorite TV shows.

About SuperTV?

Just as I mention above, SuperTV makes it possible for you to watch and stream live TV without worrying about your internet data plan. It is a subscription based app introduced by super networks limited. You get to watch movies and TV shows from anywhere in Nigeria on any device such as smartphone, tablet or PC. The company started operation in the country on 1st October 2021.

How To Watch Free TV and Movies With SuperTV?

SuperTV currently has a partnership agreement with telecom giant MTN Nigeria. Under the partnership, users of MTN SIM download and enjoy unlimited Free TV and Movies via the SuperTV app. The platform also offers free trial to everyone before you make your deserve subscription. That is, you get to enjoy free 4 hours daily streaming of any content via the SUperTV.

How To Use SuperTV?

The SuperTV app is very simple to use. All you need to do, is download the app from your App store, launch the app from your mobile device and start to enjoy SuperTV. The app is available to users of Android, iOS, as well as PC device. It also comes with a Setup Box, which allows you to connect to a TV set.

You do not require a username and password. According to the company, SuperTV app automatically logs-in as long as you are a partnered Telco subscriber.

SuperTV Plans And Price?

Bronze Daily ₦200 – 3.3 hours of streaming
Bronze Weekly ₦700 – 12.2 hours of streaming
Bronze Monthly ₦2,100 – 43 hours of streaming

Silver Daily ₦280 – 3.3 hours of streaming
Silver Weekly ₦1,000 – 12.2 hours of streaming
Silver Monthly ₦3,400 – 43 hours of streaming

Gold Daily ₦350 – 3.3 hours of streaming
Gold Weekly ₦1,200 – 12.2 hours of streaming
Gold Monthly ₦4,200 – 43 hours of streaming

Live TV
Premium Live TV Daily ₦300 – 3.3 hours of streaming
Premium Live TV Weekly ₦1,000 – 12.2 hours of streaming
Premium Live TV Monthly ₦3,800 – 40 hours of streaming

Cinemart (Movie Rental)
Nollywood blockbusters – ₦300 – 5 hours of streaming
Hollywood blockbusters – ₦500 – 5 hours of streaming

How To Pay For SuperTV?

Why SuperTV runs on your device with no data, you need to subscribe to any of its packages. To do this, all you need is have enough airtime on your device. That is, you don’t need cash or debit card to pay for your subscription. You simply pay with your airtime on your phone.

How To Check Your SuperTV Streaming Balance?

You can check this from the SuperTV app

Where To Download The App?

The app is available for download on both Android and iOS. You can get it by visiting and downloading it from both App store.

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