Truecaller Introduceses AI-powered Call Recording For Android and iPhone

Truecaller has introduced a new call recording feature powered by AI for its premium customers. The feature which is currently available in US, is offered to both iPhone and Android users. This feature will make it possible for users to record calls on both sides. Aside that, it will also provide summarized transcriptions of all call recordings, turning the call recording into text that is easy to navigate.

Each transcription will come with a brief subject line that makes it easier to quickly and accurately search within these transcriptions using Large Language Model (LLM) technology.

Speaking about the call recording feature, Raphael Mimoun, Cloud Telephony Product Director at Truecaller, said:

The decision to launch the Truecaller Call recording feature is inspired by advancements in Language Learning Models (LLMs) that aim to redefine the call recording experience. Our new feature enables fast, intuitive retrieval and use of recordings with smart search and call summaries. We are eager to see its transformative impact on how our users manage their calls, record, retrieve and utilize conversations.

How Does the Feature Work?

To record a call with Truecaller, you’ll have to merge the special recording line provided by the app with the call you want to record. Once the call ends, you’ll receive a push notification with the recorded file.

How to Start Recording a Call?

How to start recording on Truecaller

  • Open the Truecaller App
  • Tap the Record a Call button on the app
  • Press ‘Call the Recording Line’
  • Merge the calls

The process is slightly different for outgoing calls. You can easily manage recordings: listen, rename, share, or delete. All recordings are locally stored on users’ devices, which ensures privacy, says the company.

iPhone users can back up all recordings to their iCloud storage, and Android users can choose to back up recordings to their Google Drive. Truecaller says that it will add more features such as AI-generated summary of the recording and short call title in the future.

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