New Features iOS 16 Brings To The iPhone

September 12, 2022 saw the released of the Apple iOS 16 updates to its iPhone devices. The update, which is packed with tweaks was first announced back in June. According to Apple, it is being rolled out to the iPhone 8 and newer models. The update brings some new features as well as fixes to some security issues and vulnerabilities. In this post, we shall be looking at some new features the iOS 16 update is bringing to the iPhone device.

New Messages Features:

One new feature introduced by the iOS 16 update, is the new messaging feature. The new update now makes it possible for iPhone users to to edit or unsend a message (within 15 minutes of sending it) and recover deleted messages (within 30 days of deletion) when chatting with other Apple users via the iMessage platform. The update also allows you to mark any message (including SMS) as unread, a long-overdue feature.

A More Dynamic Lock Screen:

The update will allow you to customize your Lock Screen colors, fonts, and even place and rearrange widgets. In iOS 16 the Lock Screen feels more like an Apple Watch face than a traditional static display. Apple will even include a Lock Screen gallery that features designs to inspire or download. Like an Apple Watch face, you can switch between different Lock Screens with a tap-and-hold and then swipe. In addition to fonts, a new multilayered photo effect and suggested photos will be suggested, or choose a set of photos to shuffle automatically throughout the day. You can even apply styles so that photos conform to a style of your choosing in a complementary manner.

Widgets are a bit like Watch face complications and include information like your Watch activity rings, weather conditions, a world clock, battery levels for accessories like AirPods, alarms you have set, and more. There’s even a WidgetKit API that third-party apps will be able to use to put information right there on your lock screen.

A new Live Activities feature pins what is effectively a notification that updates itself to your lock screen. This allows you to follow live events like sports games or workouts simply by raising your device, complete with an API for developers to use. Notifications in general get a slight boost with bold text and better images, and the Now Playing screen gets a full-screen mode that makes better use of album art.

Finally, you can also change the way Notifications display on your lock screen. Not only are there new animations for a more visually pleasing Lock Screen, but you can also choose from a list view, stack view, and count view, and change the context on the fly. All these features make for a more engaging way to interact with your iPhone without swiping through to your Home screen.

A More Powerful Focus Feature:

Focus allows you to remove distractions by delivering notifications silently, muting distracting apps, and letting your contacts know that you’ve snoozed notifications in apps like Messages. iOS 16 expands on the feature set by linking your Lock Screen to your Focus, allowing you to display certain Lock Screens (including designs, widgets, and styles) when specific Focus modes are enabled.

This functionality carries over to the Home screen, allowing you to hide certain apps, or use specific widgets that are useful to whatever Focus mode you have set. Focus filters let you set “boundaries” within apps like Safari and Calendar, which will automatically recall specific tab groups or hide certain calendars depending on what you’re doing.

Third-party developers get access to a new Focus filter API, allowing them to build some of these more complex features into their apps. You can also schedule Focus modes in iOS 16, allowing you to do things like enabling your Work focus between certain hours or when you’re in a specific location.


The update also improved on the SharePlay feature to Messages, allowing you to send invites to synchronized activities like watching movies, working out, or listening to music.

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